About The Brighton Removals Company

We are the number 1 removal company in Brighton and have been since we started over a decade ago. We were the original and best Brighton removal company.

We offer many great services delivered with care and enthusiasm. You will find us to be the most positive and friendly company in Brighton. This has been the key to our success since we started. We care passionately about our company (made up of family and friends) and we care how our work reflects on us. Call for a chat anytime about anything removals related.

We have been working in removals for over 20 years. 12 years ago our mentor said to us “You know what? You are good enough to run your own company now” so we did. He sold us our first van and we worked really hard. Business was slow at first and it was hard to get noticed. But with each job that we completed, we had another happy customer. They would tell their friends and they would, in turn, tell their friends. You know how the story goes. It wasn’t until our third year of business that we made a website and then things really took off.

Before that though, we learnt the importance of word-of-mouth. We had already learnt the importance of doing a great job from our mentors Simon and Ben from Smooth Mover. They taught us everything we needed know. It wasn’t until we started our own business that the importance of the lessons were truly felt.
We have watched many other companies come and go over the years. And this is through a lack of care and respect for customers and ultimately themselves.

Brighton Removals Company
The Brighton Removals Company has a highly experienced and reliable team catering to all types of removals, whether large or small. We will move any flats on any floor, and houses of any size. Our removals team work quickly and carefully to ensure our customers a hassle-free move. The Brighton Removals Company accepts requests for deliveries and home moves on a local, national and Europe wide scale.

East Sussex Removals

Removals are undertaken throughout East Sussex, including Brighton, Hove, Lewes, Worthing, Shoreham, Seaford and many other local towns. If you are looking to relocate abroad, we provide some international household removals services to some European destinations, including  France and Spain. We also have close links with shipping companies such as PSS and we are happy to arrange shipping on your behalf to anywhere in the world. It’s not as expensive as you think but there is a lot of paper work!

The Brighton Removals Company is fully insured and has been founded on the premise that precious items must be carefully packed and transported and returned to the client in pristine condition. In the rare occasion that anything should happen we are insured for everything, including: people, vehicles, buildings, storage and of course, your belongings.

As a leading removals firm in Brighton, we guarantee that your move will be as stress-free as possible. We are proud of our reputation as a leading Brighton removals company and go the extra mile to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

Please give us a call and get a FREE no obligation quote.

As previously mentioned, The Brighton Removal Company has been providing the finest removal and packing services throughout West Sussex for well over a decade.

Our removals and packing services in West Sussex includes many places such as Newgate, Hove, Chichester, Partridge green, Horley, Haywards Heath, Crawley, East Grinstead, Midhurst, Worthing, Arundel, Steyning, Newhaven, Peacehaven, Rottingdean, Saltdean, Hollingbury, Withdean and all the surrounding areas.

Our company has been offering cross county, international and European services to customers in West Sussex for over ten years.

We have specialist teams for our cross country and cross county moves. They have a range of skills that suit the particular nature of long distance moves (this includes moves going to or coming from out of town).

Skills such as international export packing and export wrapping. This is imperative for long distance moves. This ensures that all of your belongings are completely protected from damage. It also means that they are completely covered on our insurance policy. This involves a more comprehensive packing service as your belongings will be in transit for a longer period and need that extra bit of protection.

We offer an international export packing service even if you have someone else to perform your move for you. Our packing skills will ensure the safety of your belongings in transit.

More tips from your favourite removal company

We like to acquire and own things as humans in the western world (unless you are enlightened and need no wordly possessions) and that leads to some problems space-wise. Especially living in Britain and even more so if living in a British city.

We have extensive experience with ALL of the companies in our county and many destinations outside. We also offer our own storage solutions.

We can provide advice on affordable, storage facilities in East and West Sussex. If you are in need we can find you the best deals on storing anything, from the overflow from you loft and shed or your whole house. We can find secure storage that suits your needs exactly.

If you are going to sell your house or flat you would need somewhere fast with good access just in case you needed to retrieve something from it later. It would also be good when you have moved into your new home and you don’t want to bring the clutter back in. You can take your time and decant your storage gradually. Whether it’s short or long term or large or small storage needed we know exactly who to turn to. We also know all of the current deals that are running so that you can benefit the most.

If you need long-term storage of your items and cost is a concern then some of the independent storage companies out of town might be the best solution. They generally have large and small wooden crates for you to pack your belongings into (or we would do this for you!). When your belongings are safely packed inside they store them deep into the warehouse using a hydraulic lift or forklift truck. Not so great if you remember that you have left something inside that you need but good if you are concerned about costs.

Give us a call any time you need advice or help on anything to with storage or logistics.

Office moves are another specialty of ours. A smooth move for your business is incredibly important and no on understands this more than us.

We have a professional office and business relocation team ready to handle all of our commercial customer’s needs, from packing to equipment hire, crate hire (for computers and delicate items) to the logistics of the move itself. Whether that entails moving in specific hours (such as at night) or delicate equipment.
No business move is too small or too large for us.
If your employees are moving with you then you will need to look after them the most! This is another area that we can help with. Get in touch with the best Brighton Removals Company now. Call on 07598 763024 or email for a quote.