Box & Removals Packaging

Due to being so busy we no longer deliver boxes unless you are moving with us and in which case we may be able to do so.

However, you can order next day delivery of cheap, good quality boxes through a great company called Direct Global Trading Boxes 


If we are performing a move for you then The Brighton Removals company provide cheap, strong, eco-friendly boxes and removals packaging. We offer two types of cardboard boxes to Brighton and the surrounding areas. Firstly, we stock recycled cardboard boxes which cost only £1 for regular/medium size and £1.20 for large size. Order here, email or call us on 07598 763 024 to order now.

We also stock NEW high quality cardboard boxes. Not only are our boxes strong and reusable, but our box delivery service is free to Brighton customers and the surrounding areas of Hove, Lewes, Worthing, Steyning, Shoreham and Lancing. If you require several boxes for your house move, we can help keep your costs down. We collect boxes from major retailers who would otherwise dispose of their cardboard boxes. Only clean, durable removals boxes are on sale; the rest are collected and recycled. If you wish, we can pick up your boxes at the end of your move unless they are of further use to you. We are one of the leading green box suppliers in Brighton and our prices are the most competitive. You can order online or call us on 07598 763 024.

Buy NEW Boxes in Brighton

If you wish to buy brand new high quality cardboard boxes, please visit Box Boys, who have free delivery on box orders over £10.