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The Brighton Removals Company is a courteous and highly experienced removals Brighton company offering the best quality services to suit all your requirements. Moving house can be stressful and we pride ourselves on minimising the strain of transporting your precious items. We offer very competitive prices for removals in Brighton and home or office moves from most areas in East Sussex including Lewes, Hove and Worthing.

We provide national & local removals Brighton services and international moves.

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Moving House

National & Domestic Removals
We move houses every single day of the week. From studio flats to mansions, we’ve seen it all.
There are a few options for you to consider:

For small to medium size moves, an hourly rate is advisable for local moves. If it is a really small move you may only need one man and a van. If you are looking to save a few pennies you are welcome to organise some friends to help him. We only recommend this for uncomplicated and light removals.

If it is anything more than this then we strongly advise our two men and a van service.

These guys will be able to undertake most jobs. With their expertise, strength and skill they can get everything done quickly and save you money.

If you need move more than one Luton van load then our three men service is advisable.

Single drop items start at £30.

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Office Removals

Small & Large Removals
We have moved offices, hotels, machinery and more in our years of removals, always with minimal disruption to the flow of business. We know what matters when it comes to moving a business and have got it down to a fine art.

First you’ll need a plan. As soon as you have made contact we schedule a site meeting to see everything you have to move. We will also need to check the access to the building.

The other primary objective is to listen to your requirements and concerns. We can then match all these criteria and come up with a unique plan. This will outline everything involved in the move in detail. We will take you through this plan and explain every aspect. This is an opportunity for you to help shape the flow of the day make sure that all your needs are met.

This should all be done well in advance of the move to allow for any realisations, such as remembering that the servers need to be moved first.

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It's cheaper than you think!
The best money you can spend in the world is on removal men. The second best is on having them pack up for you.

There is enough to worry about when moving, so why not make things easier on yourself. Packing your own house can take many weekends. You will want to sort through things and put things aside. And you will inevitably end up living amongst boxes for weeks.

But when our highly trained guys arrive, we can condense this otherwise un-pleasurable task into 4 or 5 hours. This may come as a surprise but we actually really enjoy packing as well. It is beneficial for us to be able to see what’s going into boxes before moving them, so we know where all the fragile bits are.

Two of us will arrive the day before your move and get you completely ready for the next day. You don’t have to lift a finger! We usually arrive in the morning, along with all the necessary materials, and get cracking right away.

This allows you to continue with the more important tasks, on which your time is much better spent.

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Eco Friendly & Efficient
With this service, we take away any rubbish that you have not been able to recycle already. We have the appropriate licenses to be able to dispose of your goods efficiently, economically and ecologically.

Cleaning out the shed or garage? Have us on speed dial. Will be round in a jiffy to lend a hand with your spontaneous spring cleaning.

We can even take away building waste, so if you finally knock down the old wall at the back of the garden we can get rid of what’s left. It’s called hard-core and there is a place just outside of Brighton that you can take it to be recycled and made into other things! We take great pleasure in recycling and so we have researched every single way to reuse your waste so we limit the damage to the planet.

Because we have been around so long, we know every way to recycle more or less every piece of waste, whether it’s corporate or domestic.

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Sound advice on local storage solutions
Choosing storage can be a confusing task as there are so many companies with different pricing structures and services. We have a wealth of knowledge from our years of experience. Please check out our storage guide page.

We know all of storage facilities in and around the city. Some offer half price deals, others offer more square feet. There are a lot of aspects to consider, but we know the pros and cons of all of the companies. We know exactly who will suit you best. We are not affiliated with any companies, so our advice is unbiased.

For example, if you are looking for a cheap place to store your things then Howard Kent along the coast is your best option. You have to arrange an appointment to receive access to your storage container, so if you need regular visits at the last minute to your belongings then this might not be the best for you.
Big yellow runs a half price deal for the first eight weeks. But after that it gets a lot more expensive, so if you need to store your items long-term, we can suggest somewhere else.

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Getting your goods to their new home
We provide a consultancy service for ongoing complicated moves, either corporate or domestic. You have access to all of our facilities and vehicles but most of all, you have our years of logistical experience

We can get a plan together that we know will work. We provide the best removals Brighton has to offer. We have the necessary know-how to manage all the moving parts, from machinery to personnel. We regularly work with large businesses and governmental engineering companies to oversee ongoing moves. Please call now to arrange a free, no obligation consultancy.

An honest guide on how to choose a removal company

If you have friends or relatives that have lived in Brighton for a while, there’s every chance that they will probably have used a removal company. So getting their advice is the first port of call. Even if they have had a bad experience, they can tell you who NOT to use.

Get about 3 recommendations and then start to look online at their websites. You will then get more of a feel for the company and its ethos. Always remember to check their Google reviews! These are probably the most candid opinions you can find on the internet. It is very difficult, in fact it’s nearly impossible for a company to have a bad review taken down.

Either email or call your desired companies. Calling is better as you can get more of a feel for the people behind the company.

You should be greeted by a friendly voice that primarily listens to your needs. After hearing what you have to say he should, ‘no problem’ and go on to explain how you should tackle your requirements.

Email is beneficial because you can see how long it takes them to get back to you. This is a good indicator as to show you how efficient they are. If they take over a day to get back to you, you know that they are either too busy to take on more work or they are poor with customer communication.

Inquiry forms are a really good way of getting a ball park figure from a company. You can usually find these on their contact pages.

You type in your details and select the numbers of items that you have. Such as,
2 beds, 3 chests of drawers etc.

This way the company can let you know a rough price and service outline. You can then make a judgement whether to continue with this particular removal company or not.

A good company will call you straight up, unless you have requested otherwise. A company that cares will want to speak to you and get an idea about your move and start showing you that your service is the best.

Brighton Removals



Make sure that your removal company has the correct size van. We only use long wheelbase jumbo Luton vans. Quite a lot of Brighton removal companies use short wheelbase, and there is a vast size difference between the two. This will likely double your bill, not to mention the time it takes to move! Just imagine trying to transport water from a well with a bucket half the size you need. This will take you twice as many trips.

Correct insurance

Our insurance covers us from the moment we come into contact with your belongings until we have put them down and you have checked everything is in order.


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