Small Removals Brighton


If you go for small removals Brighton services then you have come to the right place. We perform the best and cheapest small removals Brighton services in the city and beyond.

We are as cheap as the one man band type companies that you find on Gumtree or other message boards or lead generation sites but you get all the assurances and insurances that you would expect from an established company. Give us a call to chat about quotes and get a feel for our company.

Choosing the right removals company is a big deal and you can learn a lot by picking up the phone. We are more than happy to chat at length about your move and the different options available for you.

Even if you have made your mind up that you are going to go for a less established company just give us a call as an experiment. We’re sure you will change your mind because you will become aware of all the extra care and attention that we will give you. You cannot receive this from a smaller company. Even though we are similarly priced we have procedures and levels of management that surpass most companies.

Our small removals Brighton package is one of our specialities. We have put together a helpful guide to small removals Brighton companies.

Our small removals Brighton service would be perfect for dropping a few items to a furniture delivery to Scotland. The scope of the package is very wide and we would love to discuss it with you further. Call any time for a chat.

Small removals Brighton

Small removals Brighton services

To us, small doesn’t mean sub-standard or poor quality. We give 110% on all of our moves whether big or small. We treat every customer with the same respect and diligence.

We offer 1 man and van Brighton services for £45ph which include one job manager/driver who is very well trained and friendly. The will listen to your concerns and get a full briefing from you before starting to move your precious goods. Listening is one of the keys to a good move. Before we lift anything we need to know what it is we are lifting and how to handle it. If you have packed it you will want to tell us where the fragile and valuable things are.

Small packing Brighton
We also offer a 1 man packing service. This is handy if you need a casual hand around the house or office. If you are doing some filing or just trying to make some space then give us a call. Use our expertise and experience to turn that daunting job into a footnote in your day.
We have lots of quality packing materials on board our vans that will speed up the process no end.
You do not have to hire the van for this service so this can cut down the price a bit for you.

Two men and a van Brighton service
As the name suggests this includes two of our removals Brighton experts. One will be your job manager/driver and the other a porter. Both will have a great deal of experience and will be able to work together seamlessly.
The difference with our company is that our staff have worked together for years. Our team has been around for years. We treat our colleagues well and do not have a high turnover of staff.

These teams can handle performing 1 or 2 bedroom residences (or 3/4 bedroom places if there isn’t too much to move). For anything larger, you will probably need our other services.

Three men and a van Brighton service
This isn’t really a small removals Brighton service but everything is relative! Perhaps you are pushed for time and you need your removal performed very quickly? Or maybe you are moving your office and need a 3rd man along to lighten the load. It can be really helpful to speed things along nicely. It also helps because after moving for a long time 7/8 hours the men can get tired and this is when accidents may happen. Even on a small removals Brighton service. If you are moving to the 4th floor then you will definitely need an extra man. Whereas if you moving to the ground floor you would be fine with a two man small removals Brighton service.
We are passionate about our small removals Brighton packages so let us show you how good we are. Give us a call now.

Smaller and cheaper does not mean poor quality removals Brighton service

Usually, when you think of a small removal of price and service you think of an uninsured, slightly dodgy one man band type of set up. Perhaps A man and van Brighton that you would find on gumtree? You think you are getting a great small removals Brighton price because your job is tiny and you do not have much to move. In actual fact, you are entrusting your belongings to someone who isn’t a professional.
You may save £5 on the hourly rate but you risk everything you are trying to move.
You also risk your time and having a long drawn out bad experience. If something goes wrong then trying to get compensation from people like this is like trying to get blood from a stone.
The vans tend to be unpleasant as well.

Student moves
If you are studying in the city and you are here temporarily then you will qualify for our student discount rate. We know money is tight and times are tough when you are in full or part-time education. You probably do not have enough time to work to afford to live in our great city. We understand this. We appreciate that in order for you to be able to continue studying you rely on concessions and discounts.
If you are living in student accommodation at the University of Sussex or somewhere similar like the student accommodation in Falmer we are more than happy to come and give you a hand moving your small number of items.
This often leads to you having to store your goods over the long summer months when presumably you go home. We also offer a discounted storage rates.

These rates apply equally if you are here to study for a shorter amount of time. There are many language schools in Brighton and you may be attending one of these. Such as EF International Language Centre – English courses in Brighton.
Your moves tend to be seasonal do you to your course. We can fit around your requirements and perform your small removal price and service whenever convenient.
If you move from student accommodation into storage at the beginning of the summer we can book you in for the return journey from storage back to your halls of residence.

Small jobs
If you just require a few items to be moved around the city then please got get in contact now and enquire about our small removals Brighton packages. We have many to choose from.
Perhaps you have some deliveries to make? Or maybe you have put something on Gumtree or eBay and need that transporting to your house or to your customer. Leave it to us! We are excellent rates that are lenient towards our clients.

If you just need one man and a van Brighton service to transport your small number of belongings then give us a call right away. Your move will probably take no time at all and we have very flexible rates.
They are perfect for one bedroom flats or a two bedroom flats. Especially if you do not have a lot of furniture or and lots and lots of boxes and bags. Also if you do not have many staircases to climb. These are all things that increase the amount of time that you require for your move.

Please get in contact right away of you would like to talk further about the small removals Brighton packages available.