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This is a collection of services designed to turn the removals experience from a nightmare into an pleasure and perhaps an excuse to indulge in luxury.

We aim to achieve this by project managing your move for you, after you have told us exactly how you want things done.

Of course you may not want to use all of our services; you can pick and choose the bits you like and leave out the ones that are not relevant to your move. To order this service, simply call or email us and specify you would like the Prestige service. Alternatively, you can let us know the contents of your house on our simple online form and tick the box for Prestige service at the foot of the form.

Instead of being up to your neck in cardboard and wrapping paper and dealing with the stress of organising your move, imagine giving us your keys booking into a hotel and being pampered for the weekend. Then arriving in your new home to have everything how you want it. Thats our idea of the ideal move. We do everything. We’ve mastered the art of moving home, so why not leave it to the professionals?

When you give us a call, we will come to you to discuss your move and assess the scale of the project. After that you can leave everything to us. We will keep you regularly updated and are always available after office hours for any questions.

Here are the different removals services that go into the prestige package:


We first take pictures of how you have everything already arranged in your home so that when it comes to unpacking we have a visual aid to help us get everything exactly right.

Our team of packers will carefully and efficiently pack your entire house on the day before your move. Every item will be carefully wrapped and put into a box that will be clearly labeled to make things easy to recognise when unpacking in your new home.

We will dismantle any furniture and prepare anything that needs special attention for your move so that everything happens smoothly on the day.

Pictures and delicates get treated very carefully. We bubble wrap each picture and then place it inside its own special box. We keep all the particularly delicate items together so we can take extra special care of them during your move.

The Move

On the day of your move your removals consultant will make sure that everything runs according to plan. If you do not wish to be there you can escape to one of our recommended hotels explained later.

At the house everything will be carefully and swiftly removed from and packed safely into our fully insured, regularly serviced vans.

After this phase is complete your consultant will switch over your utilities for you and make the house ready for our team of cleaners to come in and do their work.


When your house is totally clear we will send in our professional cleaners to give your house a deep clean. This includes carpet shampooing, window cleaning, bathroom bleaching. We also leave nice air fresheners in rooms and hallways.

All of this will be completed before the deadline that you have been given for being out of the premises.

If we arrive at your new house and it is not cleaned to a good enough standard we can get our expert cleaning team back in to make sure that everything is perfect to move in.


We also have skilled tradesmen that can do any minor repairs to your house. If your old house has scuffed walls we can fill holes in the wall and sand down any rough or un-even surfaces, adding one or two layers of paint if necessary.

Damaged paint work. We can touch up poor areas or even give rooms a total make over to every one in the colours that you would prefer.

Loose guttering can cause an unsightly mess. We have the tools and skills to rectify most outdoor problems.

Getting rid of picture hooks and repairing their holes and then painting over that.

Taking care of loose ends, gas, electric, keys

We will inform the utility companies of you leaving your residence.

We can also drop your old keys off and pick your new ones up.

There are other little things that are good to keep in mind.

If you are selling your property then make sure that you put it on the housing market as far ahead in advance as you can. Then you can end any rental agreement that you may have.

You have to notify the local tax official that you are leaving and your new address and the date that you will be changing on.

Try and make sure that you notify all companies of your change of address who may need to contact you about important matters such as tax, you maybe due a refund.

Give a forward address to the gas, telephone, electricity companies, TV licensing and any other people providing services to your current location so that any outstanding bills can be dealt with.

Its important that you let your bank know where to send all your statements and important documentation.

If you have children and they are at school you will have to notify the head of the change.

Moving you in

After liaising with you we will organise a floor plan for how your furniture and belongings are to be placed in your new home.

All of our removals staff have many years experience in removals and are the best of the best. They have been hand-picked because of their skills, reliability and positivity. They are trained to deal with every foreseeable complication in your house move and will make sure your house move is easy and completed by the time that you specify.

All of our vans come equipped with the best tools and resources needed to move even the largest of homes safely and efficiently.


Our packing team will come back in at this stage ( the same people who packed your house ) and carefully unpack your belongings. We can put everything back in its place, according to your plan and carried out by the removal project manager. We also offer a service whereby we photograph your current home and replace everything in your new home how it was, item by item.

Of course the fine tuning will be done by yourself when you get to your new home.


While all this is going on you should be relaxing, safe in the knowledge that everything is being carried out just the way you wanted it. And where better to do this than being looked after in a top hotel. We recommend that you take a look at the great range of packages they offer for our special guests.

Smaller projects

The prestige package is not limited to just large scale moves; we are happy to manage smaller projects, such as moving furniture around courier service, deliveries and pick ups, such as picking up new furniture from shops or any items that are too difficult to pick up yourself.

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