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Removals and Clearances Brighton

We  offer a very reasonably priced removals and clearances service. We try  our best to get rid of your rubbish in the most ethical way possible. We  collaborate with local projects such as the Lewes fireworks who need  rubble and earth for new buildings and other raw materials.

Local  tip companies charge us money to take your rubbish there. Their tariff  is £ 70-£80 per ton. Some of your home clearance material then gets  divided up by them an used for other projects.

When we  come to quote your removals and clearances in Brighton you can show us  what you would like to keep and where you would like it to be taken.  If  there is any things you would like to be given to charity then that is  also something that we can do for you and it also would bring the price  down.

We deal  with all kinds of unwanted household and commercial waste. Because of  our experience we know how to get rid of it all for as low a price as  possible and the least effect to the environment.

If you  have had some building work done and there is a lot of maintenance  rubbish then we would take it to the rubble and hardcore tip. This way  your rubbish is recycled for more projects and it costs you less.

There  tends to be a lot mess in clearances so we are willing to help with that  side of things as well. Bag up any mess that builders have made, or  previous tenants and get it ready for the nest project that you had in  mind.

The difference with us at the Brighton Removals Company is that we do our very  best to get rid of your waste in the most responsible way and in a way  that will benefit the community as much as possible when performing  removals and clearances in Brighton.

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