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Removals companies in Brighton, East Sussex

There are many removals companies in Brighton that will provide an adequate service but very few that provide a full and courteous experience. Our aim at the Brighton Removals Company is to give you a stress-free time and ease the trauma of moving house.

Whether you have found your removal company from the web or yellow pages or a flyer, their image will reflect their company ethics. If they have poor tacky design that may tell you that they haven’t fully thought their business and what they stand for.They have rushed things together because their primary concern is getting your money not taking pride in their company and the work that they do.

Any contact with a company will tell you a lot about them. They should answer the telephone or email promptly and in a friendly way. They should get back to you as soon as possible, and they should always be on time for any appointments they may have made with you. If they miss an appointment then you might seriously doubt their commitment to doing a good job.

The good removal companies in Brighton will take care of any worries or fears that you might have about your house move. They will not ‘um and ah’ about how difficult your move will be. Any problem can be overcome by a good removal company. Wynching sofas down, taking windows out, dismantling furniture, long distances are all in a days work for us and although they are not a walk in the park we will not make a big deal out of it. We aim to provide positivity when you need it most so you can concentrate on other important aspects of your move.

Check whether your removals company has the correct ‘goods in transit’ insurance and maybe casually ask if they have had any accidents in the past.

From the outset you should expect a great service because you are inviting people in to your home and hoping that they will treat you and your belongings with respect. So take your time to choose someone that stands out from all the removals companies in Brighton.

There are many Brighton removal companies that are capable of getting your belongings from one place to another but few that offer such a reassuring pleasant and professional service as us.

What kind of service do you need? Is it the lower end of the scale like a ‘man with a van’ type of service? This is where one man can manage everything on his own or maybe a little help from you. You have to be careful who you get because although some of them maybe nice they may not have the proper equipment which will damage your belongings. Also they may not have the correct/ or no insurance.

We provide a man with van service but you can rest assured that we have everything we need to do a great job. We won’t be any more expensive either.

Larger companies tend to be over priced as they have more overheads. Also they don’t really pay their staff well enough to look after your home and content. Because its not a small business their is no real pride in their work or care for your belongings.

Local Brighton removal companies can vary greatly in quality. There are few companies that will give you everything that you expect. Again ask if they have the correct goods in transit insurance and if they have the correct tools for the job and enough blankets to look after your things. There are many advantages to having a smaller Brighton removal companies; they tend to have smaller vans that will navigate the Brighton streets much easier and they have local knowledge and a good team of workers that will take care of your things. Just make sure you ask the right questions to make sure that you get one of the good Brighton removal companies.

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