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Removals in East Sussex

We offer removals in East Sussex and the surrounding areas, with a professional and experienced team who are more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence.

As a leading removals firm based in East Sussex, we have helped many people and businesses relocate their goods and have 100% client satisfaction. We are a small moving company based in Brighton, East Sussex, so we can afford all our local customers the attention they need when moving home or relocation their offices.

East Sussex Removals

We have a long history of delivering high-quality East Sussex removals services. Every customer is important to us so we take our time understanding their needs and requirements.

Most of the initial stages of contact with our customers involve just listening to them. Only when we have a clear picture of their removals needs can we then start to out their unique East Sussex removals plan together.

Do you need a clearance service?

If you need to get rid of some broken, obsolete or unwanted items from your house  then give us a call as soon as you can so we can discuss your clearance plan. This goes the same if you need to clear space in your shed or your loft or your garage. Our clearance Brighton service is exceptionally useful and forms part of our East Sussex removal services.

We have to use government are you have to waste recycling centres. We are charged around £100 per ton to dump items off. We are weighed upon entry to the site and when we leave. This way the exact amount can be deduced.
We can pass the receipts onto you for complete transparency of price.

We come and get rid of any unwanted items for you.

Do you need a man and van removals service?
Our man and van services are available from £45 per hour. Two men are available from £35 per hour. They can help with any removals or logistical situation that you need.

Do you require a set price?
If your move is slightly bigger or you would prefer a set price we can offer this. We would need to come over and have a look at everything first before confirming a figure. We would listen to all of your requirements and note them down into a detailed quote for you.

We are more than how are you two out jobs and new aspects of the move as they unfold.

Do you need packing service?

We also offer a packing service. This is useful if you are moving home or if you are just trying to clear some space in the loft. We can come in for a couple of hours and reorganise those messy dark places that you would rather not deal with. This is our forte and we can make quick work of it. Your time is better spent elsewhere so let us do this for you.
Their hourly rates available from approximately £65 per hour for two men which includes all packing materials.

We also offer a set prices. These are really useful if you are planning a large pack or need us to pack for more than two hours. We can only pack a one bedroom flat in around four hours with two removals professionals.
Do you need multiple services?

If so we can take this into account when quoting and reflect it in the price.
If you need to use more that one of our services then we can put a unique package together for you. You can pick and choose all the bits that suit you and we will design your unique “around this. As you are using more than one of our services this will be reflected in the price. We want to be fair to our customers and will always look to help with price and flexibility of service.

Not only do we offer removals in East Sussex, we also offer our removal services to most areas in East Sussex, including Lewes, Eastbourne, WorthingHove and Seaford.

East Sussex

National and European moves

If you are a resident of East Sussex, we can offer you our removals services whether you are headed to a National or European destination. We have safely delivered items to Slovenia, Italy, Germany and France efficiently and to a deadline. The Brighton Removals Company is simply the best choice for removals in East Sussex.

Moving to the continent can be a costly affair. This is because there are many factors to take into account such as the price of diesel fuel, toll roads, ferries and tunnels.
We have a lot of experience so we can get you an exact figure to help you plan your budget for your big move.
Toll roads are quite popular in France and there are tools on the web to help you calculate the total expenses as well as preferred roots for vehicles with precious cargo.
Diesel fuel varies in price from Britain and you have to you calculate exactly. You are travelling over quite a long distance so even the smallest miss calculation could cause you more in the long run.
Ferries can be cheaper but obviously take longer to arrive. For example, the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe may save you a few hours and some driving time but it takes longer to cross here. It is approximately four hours to take this ferry so you can use this time to relax and rest and prepare for the next leg of your journey.
The ferry from Dover to Calais only takes 2 1/2 hours but if you are travelling to the south of France then you will clock this up and drive hours. It will also cost you more in fuel. So there are a few different factors to take into consideration when making these decisions.
Weight is another consideration. There are many patrolling cars that are looking out for overweight vehicles. In this country, VOSA are very diligent and know how to sports vehicles that are overloaded. It is much wiser to equal the proportion the weight of your goods out over a couple of vans so that your vehicle is safe and within the restrictions of government guidelines.

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