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Removals Packing Service

Our removals packing service is cheaper than you think. So ask for a free quote by filling in our easy online form and tick the box marked “Do you a packing service?”. When we are asked for a packing service with the removals job, it brings the price of both down. Of course you can always call us on 07598 763 024 or drop us a short email and we’ll come round and quote for free.

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The packing service that we offer is indispensable. Especially for how much time it saves you and stress that it eleviates.

All that we ask is that you have a quick look through to get rid of the things that you can do without. Just be brutal. If you haven’t used it since the last time you moved and its worth less that five pounds…get rid of it!

A new home means it is a perfect time to shed some of your unnecessary belongings and have a new beginning.

After you have downsized we will take care of everything else.

The removals packing service usually takes place the day before your move to make sure everything is ready for when you have to move out. Unless you are in a smaller residence like a studio or a one bedroom flat in which case we will aim to have you out in the same day.

To pack a family home we normally have two to three people packing for a whole day. They also break down any furniture that needs to be dismantled before leaving so it saves on space.

All of your breakables will be taken care of and your valuables will be looked after by our professional packing team. We have packing paper that is good for your kitchen ware, and bubble wrap that is good for particularly fragile and valuable items.

We like to gather all outdoors items together and empty any water that may hay have collected on them. We will also organise your sheds and ‘lean to’s’. Generally boxing up and taping things together.

Do not worry about packing up televisions or anything that does not fit into boxes. They will be transported as is, using blankets and tieing them into the side of the van. Larger items such as bed slats and other flat pack furniture, they will be broken down and strapped together.

For any more info on our Removals packing service please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

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