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We are very aware of the stress involved in moving your belongings to a new location. However, with us you will find that we take the hassle out of any removals and clearances jobs – we offer a comprehensive service to residents of Brighton and the surrounding areas. We come to you, we make it easy and we are courteous, and most of all reliable and trustworthy.

The grand majority of our work comes from word of mouth, which is why you will always get a first-class service and you be impressed by our punctuality and efficiency.

We have the upmost respect for your goods and the stress you are going through. Our prices reflect our professional approach to our business.


Removals and clearance

Removals and Clearances services for Brighton & East Sussex

  • Both light & full-van removals offered.
  • Home and office removals and clearances for Brighton residents & surrounding towns.
  • Local, National and European moves.
  • Furniture removals
  • Satellite navigation providing an efficient door-to-door service.
  • Straps, blankets and mattress covers are used to safeguard your belongings.
  • Flat-pack assembly service using recycled boxes.

Removals and Clearance Brighton

We perform the best removals and Clearance Brighton has to offer.

If you can fit your waist into your car then it will be more cost-effective to do this. This is because we get charged around £90 per ton of rubbish that we take to commercial waste sites.

We would be happy to condense the waste into manageable portions to fit into your car.

If the cost is not an issue for you and time is of the essence then we are more than happy to load our van is full of your rubbish and waste and unwanted items.

Also if you have so much rubbish that they could not possibly fit into several colours then our clearance Brighton service will be of great use to you. We use the trade waste sites on the A27 just outside Lewes

It is called MDJ light brothers which is just off the Sutherham roundabout, Lewes bn86jn

Their telephone number is (01273) 486848

Our vehicles are weighed upon entry to the waste site. Then when we leave we await again. This determines how much waste we have dumped on your behalf and we will be charged accordingly. We will pass our receipt straight on to you so you have full transparency of cost.

There are other sites available which are:

Brighton Rubbish Clearance

Address: Surrenden Cres, Brighton BN1 6WF

Phone:07794 522790

Get It Gone

Address: Amelia House, 21 Crescent Rd, Worthing BN11 1RL

Phone:07748 798380

Brighton recycling centre

Address: 185 Wilson Ave, Brighton BN2 5PD

Phone:0845 355 0550

]We perform superhuman removals and clearance Brighton services so please get in touch as soon as you can to discuss your plans.

Each removals and clearances Brighton is different from the next. Here are some situations in which they might be useful.

Clearing out the loft
We all know that the loft is easily an abomination. A dumping ground for anything that doesn’t fit into our daily lives but we would like to hold onto. Let us take the sting out of this situation. We can help you brave that dark recess and get everything down so you can have a really good look at it. We can help you decide if you really need it or not. We will then pack it up and take it away if it is unwanted obsolete or broken. Perhaps you should read the book Spark Joy by Marie condo. It is written by a Japanese decluttering Guru that has apparently revolutionized homes and lives across the world. Might be worth a read then!

Clearance of your office
Time for a Spring clean where are you work? Then call I sent to make quick work of it all. Businesses are always accruing lots of clutter and empty packaging. Let us coming to blitz the place in a matter of minutes. We will make sure that all of your waste is taken care of responsibly by being taken to recycling plants. Then you have the peace of mind knowing that your business has not caused any unnecessarily heavy carbon footprints.

Moving home
This is an excellent time to get rid of any clutter that you do not wish to take with you into your new house. Empty out the cupboards and sheds and attics and loft and basements! Pull it all out and be ruthless! You will feel so good after you have done it. Then give us a call to risk it all away and out of your hair forever.

Shed Clearance
Probably the least favourite job to do around the home is clearing out the dank dark must be shared full of spiders. Let us get in there and get down with the directors. We will pull everything out into your garden for you to have a look out and decide whether you need it or want it. After you have seen everything we can repack your shed with your wanted items. We can place everything carefully back in your shared in a neat ordered fashion that will be very pleasing to the eye. All of your unwonted junk will be taken away and recycles. Perhaps we may even be able to give some away to charity. The Martlets and Shabitat are usually good depots to try.

If you are scared of your removals and clearance Brighton tasks then do not fear, your nightmares are over!

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