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Removals Self Storage

If your removals job requires self storage we can recommend you some of our favourite self storage companies.

Removals into self storage is slightly different than a move into a new home. Different for us because we pack the van so that the first things we pull out we can use to stack on in the unit. Different for you because you have to keep your essentials with you and the rest will be to a certain extent inaccessible. If there is anything that you need to get to we can try to keep it to the front of the unit.

Once we have been round to quote you we can advise you on what size of unit you will need to rent and from there you can see how much this will cost you. One of our Luton vans contains 75 square feet of space. This will accommodate two bedroom flats. This is a good method of measuring how much space your belongings take up and so what size of unit you are likely to need.

Self storage companies differ slightly in their assets. Some maybe closer to town, others maybe cheaper and others may give you 24 hours access. But with our advice we can help you find the right self storage for you. When we have completed the first part of your removal and we are going to the self storage it is important to remember all the important documentation that you need to get your self storage unit. Such as passport, drivers license and recent bills. While you are at the desk we check the size of the unit and can start to move you in.

The self storage companies all generally have 24 hour manned cctv and alarm systems. They have a range of units which differ in size and shape to cater for all customers. And the companies that we prefer to use are clean tidy and dry and offer easy access whenever you need it.

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