Choosing a removal company guide


Choosing a removal company in Brighton can be a tricky affair. But with some guidance and a few key pointers, you should be able to find the right company for you. Hopefully, you will find this article illuminating and useful. We have a wealth of knowledge that we have gathered over the years and would love the opportunity to pass it on to you. We also give free telephone consultations.

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This should also help you avoid any bad experiences through inexperienced or poorly run companies. There are cowboys out there and sometimes are not easy to spot with the untrained eye. We have compiled this small guide to help you choose the best removal company for you.

The government site has a lot of good basic knowledge as well and is worth taking a look at. According to the page ‘Buying or selling your home’ “Buying or selling a home normally takes 2 to 3 months. The process can take longer if you’re part of a chain of buyers and sellers.” So this should give you plenty of time to thoroughly check your chosen companies.

Choosing a removal company

Choosing a removal company guide checklist

3 Quotes minimum
Our first piece of advice is contact at least three companies A minimum of two weeks before your move. Study their website thoroughly and make sure it looks well thought out and not just slammed together as this will reflect the way they do business.
Contacting three businesses that are high in the Google searches that have good reviews means that you should have a nice spread of quality companies.

A company’s service will fluctuate depending on how busy they are and what kind of staff are currently working for them. A company that is not busy for example, over the Christmas period will give excellent service as you have their undivided attention. This same company will not be able to give the same level of attention over the busier summer months plus they will draft in more temporary, less experienced staff.

The service style of removal companies changes with every firm. You may prefer a friendlier more personable service to one that is more businesslike and brief so bear this in mind in communications.

Contacting the removal companies well before your move will ensure that you have the pick of the best companies you find. If you leave it too late you may find yourself trawling through the more lower end removals company Brighton has to offer.

When you are choosing a removal company always talk to the companies at least over the phone. This way you can get a feel for the person and the level of care that they will be able to provide you. You can learn a lot about someone through the tone of their voice and demeanor.

If you can meet your removal men prior to your move this would be ideal. Have them come over for a home visit. Most good removals Companies will comply with this.

They should also want to see your move so that they are prepared for your move (should you choose them) and can give you great service by having the right resources prepared for your move.

Removal companies usually appear on a few review sites. Some of these might be
Trust a trader
It is very prudent to check all of these too and investigate how they have been reviewed. Some removals Brighton companies may want you to see their reviews on a certain site due to the fact that their reviews have not been very good on other sites.

A couple of bad reviews is fine, however. In the world of removals, things can go wrong even though the company is very professional and skilled. When you are moving hundreds of people every year, people are bound to not see eye to eye with the every company. This is par for the course and as long as mostly the reviews are positive you should be safe.

Feel free to refer back to this ‘Choosing a removal company guide’ anytime to help you along with the process.

Questions to ask them include inquiries regarding insurance.

A) do they have it and B) what does it cover you for?

Most Brighton removal companies will have some kind of insurance but may not cover you in all areas. So if you are choosing a removal company you must ask “does this insurance cover me from when you come into contact with my belongings until we have unpacked the last box?” It is best to ask this in writing so that you have proof if anything does go wrong later.

Are you insured if you just do the packing? As sometimes this is the case.

When can you have a really checked every company and established a price per your requirements, you should be able to see clearly who will give you the best service.

This might not always be the cheapest company but that is up to you. Sometimes, Morden often you get what you pay for.

Communication guide

After you have accepted the quote, the levels of communication should stay the same quality and regularity with the chosen company. They should be in regular contact with you and get back to you as soon as they can to answer your queries.
If this is not the case then you should look to raise your concerns with them and potentially booked with someone else.

You should offer them the chance to make up for any missed calls or emails as this is only fair.

Choosing a removal company is an ongoing process and you can feel free to cancel at any time before you have moved. Just be sure to check their T&C’s.

Hopefully this choosing a removal company guide has helped with. If you need any more help please feel free to call at any time for more candid advice or go straight to our quote page.

The Brighton removals company is the best removals company Brighton has to offer. Give us a call to discuss anything you have read here. We are keen to give you any help we can.