Removals Brighton Experts


All of the staff and job managers at The Brighton Removals Company are removals Brighton experts.

Our wealth of knowledge about all things removals related has been built up over many years of experience and training in the field and we feel confident to call ourselves specialists.

This is a premium local company with competitive prices. As mentioned on the homepage we are taking the removals industry into the 21st-century and our aim is to be the only true removals Brighton experts in the city.

We perform every task that a removals Brighton company could offer. Here is a list of a few of the main services that you may find helpful.

Removals Brighton Experts Disassembling and Reassembling service

You don’t always have time to finish all the bits and bobs before moving. So let us help tie up the loose ends. Even if you have started preparing for your move weeks before there will always be things that you cannot manage.

For example, you will need to sleep in your bed’s the night before your move. As a result they will need to be taken down on the morning of your move.

So while you contend with all the paperwork and the bureaucracy, let us take the pressure off and do perform the dismantling for you. With 2 removals experts these tasks will only take a few minutes. Also attempting this yourself you risk damaging your property and possibly even harming yourself in the process. We carry every kind of tool that is used for removals re-assembly. So you can be assured that we can take care of any task.

If you have very large, complex and delicate items to be dismantled and put back together then it may be advantageous for a small crew of Gold Bear removals Brighton experts to arrive the day before your move and dismantle and pack said objects ready for transit. As mentioned earlier we are removals Brighton experts and this is what expert to do. Preparation is key.

These types of services are imperative to a smooth transition. You may think that they are unnecessary and will cost you extra money. But in fact they save you time and money in the long run. Your time is better spent elsewhere and paying an extra few pounds to make sure that everything goes right first time is the sensible move. Prevention is better than cure.

Prior to your move

Removals Brighton Experts

When you have made contact either through the website or by telephone why not schedule a free consultation with your removals Brighton experts. This will hopefully illuminate the whole process for you. Meeting with one of our removals Brighton experts will give you a lot of important and easily digestible information in a very short amount of time.

As mentioned earlier they are free there is no obligation to accept the service or quote. If you do not accept the service it will at least the meeting will serve to show you how we do things comparatively with other companies. So are you if you are dissatisfied with your choice of company you will have somewhere to turn to next.

Packing is another area of preparation that need some careful consideration. If you need a full pack we can provide you with a plan and a quote at the consultation. If you need last-minute help we are more than happy to come in and tie up any loose ends for you.

As your move get closer you start to realise the enormity of the task at hand. Don’t get overwhelmed, just give us a call. It’s not as expensive as you think it is.

It could end up saving you money. If you are not ready for your move the next day this could you cause you more time and money. This is also how accidents happen. When items have not been packed up with due care, in a rush.

We also have a video guide available with tips on the pre move process including sections on how to selec the best removals company: