Planning Moving Home

Getting ready to move

If you are planning on moving home, this guide has been put together to make the process easy. Drawing on our several years of experience, it is designed to make the packing process as speedy, yet careful, as possible.

Preparation is key so weeks before you move it is a good idea to start downsizing your belongings. That old broken chair that you will never get round to fixing and the clothes you never wear should be the first to go!

Be brutal! This should be an opportunity to look at your belongings in a whole new light. Moving presents fresh start, and this should show you that you don’t need much of the dead wood and old baggage you have been carrying around for the past few years.

Old furniture is a good place to start. Its unsightly and bulky and you will not be needing it in your new life.

We offer a very cheap service to take all unwanted furniture, old clothes and belongings and give them a new home at one of the many good charity shops and furniture warehouses around Brighton, Hove, Lewes and surrounding towns.

We also offer a clearances service ( provided it is in Sussex or Surrey ) for all your broken items of furniture and other rubbish.

Start packing for your move

The best thing to do is to get experienced packers like ourselves to take all the pressure off! However, if you are looking to save a few pounds then here are some hints on how to make your move go smoothly.

After you have shed all unwanted things start to think about packing the belongings you won’t be needing straight away. That way you can start your packing early and give yourself enough time to be ready for your house removal.

These include . . .

Clothes for the season that we are not in. They take up a lot of space and the wardrobe that they are contained in can be dismantled ( if possible ) to make more room for further packing.

Belongings and furniture in spare bedrooms.
The kitchen is the room that takes the longest to pack so if you can get as much as possible ready for removals.

Packing the kitchen
Find a clear surface and place the packing paper you purchased from us ( or a lot of old newspaper ) on it. Wrap each glass or porcelain item in paper. Fill a small box so there is no room for the objects to move. Smaller boxes are better for delicates and heavier items.

Pack everything that you can fit into a box. Blenders, coffee makers, kettles, toasters… everything! Write on every box a few words to describe the contents and note down whether the box is particularly fragile.

If your clothes are in drawers or wardrobes that do not flat pack then you don’t need to pack them. We will simply take the drawers out and move the chest. We can pop the drawers back in once we get the furniture into the van. The same goes with hanging clothes. Once we have the wardrobe in the van we can put the clothes back in it ready to transport.

Just get all the other loose items into boxes as fast as possible!

Try not to think about the objects as you pack them or it will take forever. That is probably why it is much more efficient to hire our packing team to pack for you as they have no emotional connection with your belongings yet they will pack them with care and speed.

Living room
Disconnect your television. Put all cables into a box along with all the related dvd players remote controllers and cable boxes.

Round up all your essential things that you keep in the living room. Wallet, purse, keys, and pack the rest. We have specially designed sofa covers to protect furniture and property in removals.

We hope this moving guide is of use to those of you who are planning on moving home, and of course, don’t hesitate to call us if you need any free advice. Happy moving! from The Brighton Removals team.

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