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Recycled Boxes

The first thing you need before moving is a good set of boxes. These do not, however, have to cost an arm and a leg, nor do they need to be brand new. They just need to be durable, high-quality cardboard boxes. There are many firms around offering second hand boxes and some are also available to collect once you have finished using them. That way, your waste is minimised after the move is finished.

Don’t waste unnecessary amounts of money on brand new boxes – unless you cannot source the right sizes in your local box company’s recycled box stock. Obviously, as the boxes come from many different sources, they will not be uniform in size – so they are not ideal for moves where you will need to store your items in one neat place.

Read more about second hand boxes from Brighton Removals and see whether they would be right for your move.

However, for most moves, pre-used moving boxes are perfect for the job. You can be happy in the knowledge that your actions are not impacting on the environment while also saving a lot of money.

In this ecologically-conscious age, it is important to make the best of what has already been manufactured. Source recycled boxes and send them back when you’re finished!

Click here to read more about second hand boxes from Brighton Removals.

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