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Choosing a Man with Van

With so many man with van services clamouring for your attention in Google, how do you make an informed decision? The best thing to do is to ignore your desire to get it all sorted out, and take the time to measure the different removals companies against each other. There are many comparison sites available, but really these sites are glorified lead-generating sites (sites which charge a limited number of removals companies for job leads). What you really need to know about each company are 5 things: price, reliability, workmanship, insurance and customer service. This article will take a look at each criteria to help you make an informed choice of man with van.

Prices for Man With Van Services

Obviously you want to get the cheapest price possible, but beware as cut-price removals can end in disaster. Look in the moderate price range. Expect to pay £25 per hours as the cost of maintaining decent transport and paying highly-trained staff is significant and if removals companies are cutting corners, this can mean that the people who are moving your precious items could damage your precious items or not have the staff available to complete your move in the desired time.


Go with your instinct – did the person who turned up to quote your job have a relaxed manner? Was he/she polite and helpful? What you think is probably true: again, do not go with the first, cheapest man with van that you find. Take a day to ask questions and have them come round to impress you. Almost without exception, the more comfortable you feel when you first meet your man with a van, the better the move will go.


Ask around – have any of your friends used local removals services before? What were their experiences of the work carried out? Are they happy to recommend anyone? These are your best leads. At The Brighton Removals Company, we receive most of our enquiries through recommendation and repeat business. Client satisfaction and customer service are the most important aspects of the business.


Never use a company that has no insurance – it may seem obvious but companies without insurance are out there and put your valuables at risk.

Customer Service

To reiterate, customer service is paramount. The removals company you select should be polite and courteous and aim to make your move as pleasant as possible. Do they offer a packing service? Is there a number you can call any time with someone ready to help you with your questions and problems? The job doesn’t end when they leave your new home with all your belongings unpacked – they are entering into a relationship with you and need to be there to answer any questions once you have moved.

You should be left feeling happy after your move and want to keep them in mind for recommendation and repeat use.

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