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If you are looking for the best removals company Brighton has to offer then look no further. We are a medium-sized company that has been moving people for over ten years.

We offer very competitive rates for small and large scale moves for houses and commercial jobs.

We operate the most professional and friendly service in Brighton. Read a bit about our service and process below.


Removals company Brighton information

We have an excellent training program for all of our employees. We are a medium-sized company and have a tight-knit team who has been together for years. They are veterans of moving. If you could picture a removals Olympics we would get the gold every time while solving a Tetris puzzle at the same time (packing everything into the van). This is because we know what it takes to make a great successful move which is pleasurable for our customers.

removals company brighton

First of all, you listen. You listen to what your customer needs. Every move is individual to a person or family and specific time requirements have to be met in order to keep a balanced move.
Once you have gleaned all the specifics then you set about a plan. You then revise your plan and make it as tight as possible. You present this to the client and after a satisfactory agreement you put the plan into action as early as possible so that things are in place for the move. Preparation is King in the house of removals and at this removals company Brighton he is respected at all times.
Once we have all the parameters we can then prepare all the resources that need to be in place. The vans, the men, the packing materials and any other equipment. The earlier we have all this organised the better position we will be in to perform your move swiftly and carefully.
Having the right tools prepared is very important. To have every eventuality catered for. For example, if you tell us that a bannister or door needs to come off in order for a large piece of furniture to come out we can arrive early to your job and get that sorted straight away. Then we can carry on with the move unhindered. If a company were to arrive at the job and have forgotten this then the whole job could be pushed back by an hour and cause a real headache.
We will keep you updated about our preparation so you can rest easy knowing everything is in hand.

Communication is another important cornerstone of this removals company from Brighton.
Communication and contact between the customer and the company and communication between its staff members. On move day strength, patience and a friendly and positive attitude will win the day every time. Nothing is impossible on move day and you have to bear with any bumps in the road as they come. There is no task that you cannot overcome just remember this and you will be fine.
Communication prior to the move is very important as well. We endeavour to keep in close contact with our customers at all times so we can advise and help.
Sometimes you may call and we are clearing out a basement and cannot get to the phone in time but as soon as we come up for air we will try to contact you back. Especially as you may be informing us of some changes that have taken place that dramatically affect our planning stage.

Do not rush, this is a false economy of time. Ad soon as you start to rush things go wrong. Just take your time and everything will go smoothly.
At this removals company Brighton is our home. We love it and we can’t wait to settle you in. We take pride in our work and pride in the fact that this can be actually a pleasurable and joyous occasion for everyone involved. It’s hard but we enjoy our work and enjoy moving people into their new homes. We get a deep sense of satisfaction from that.
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Removals Company Brighton tips

If you are looking to choose a removal company Brighton has a lot to offer.
It’s a bit of a minefield out there. Even the companies with slick looking websites have some gremlins behind the scenes.
The most important thing to do is pick up the phone and call as many removals company Brighton people that you can. It only needs to be 30 seconds to a minute conversation to get a feel for the company and the people running it. Trust your instincts and intuition. If you get a funny feeling just call somebody else until you get someone that you feel comfortable and safe with. There are plenty of good companies out there you just have to keep searching.
When you have 2 to 4 companies that you are interested then you can start to think about prices. This should be a secondary concern after judging the quality of the removal company. Start at the top price and work backwards from there.
Then you should ask for written quote either over the phone for small removals Brighton services or home quotes for large removals services and packages. Following through with this process you should be able to whittle down the exact company for you. Which I am sure you will find to be us! We are the finest removals company Brighton has to offer!

As soon as you speak to us on the phone or via email or if you see us moving someone in the street you will know immediately that we have a genuine passion for our removals company from Brighton and we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and work. We are trying to elevate removals to another level. We are trying to make something which can be a horrific ordeal into something which is quite the opposite, a lovely experience. Tough, you might say but at this removals company Brighton it is second nature.