Hove Removals


Please do not let our name mislead you. We love Hove and perform a full Hove removals service.

Brighton and Hove share a tight border straight through the west of the city from Dyke Road through seven dials out to the A27 motorway. We perform equal amounts of moves on both sides of the border.

We happily serve all areas of Brighton and Hove including Patcham, Kemptown and Hollingury. We go much further afield as well but let’s concentrate of Hove removals today.

All of our team have lived in Hove at some stage so we know the area on a personal level as well.
We have performed thousands of Hove removals so we know the area very well. Every flat in every street has it’s own character and quirks which need to be factored into every move. Being over a decade old, The Brighton Removals Company has performed Hove removals in pretty much every street. We are proud of the knowledge that we have gathered over the years and we would love you to benefit from it. If you want to know about anything that is not in this article then drop us a line or an email. We have far more knowledge of Hove removals than can ever be fitted into one article.

For the purposes of this article ( and to be able to tackle this extensive topic), we will divide Hove into 2 main areas, north and south.

Hove Removals Services

Northern Hove tends to have more space and a little less bustle than the areas closer to the sea and main shopping areas. This does not mean they are without their delightful charm (Portslade removals and Shoreham removals will be covered in a separate article). It starts around Church road and the A270 Old Shoreham Road and reaches back to the A27 and everywhere west of Dyke Road.Hove removals

Poets corner
This is a popular area for young families and young professionals couples. If you are moving to this area then you will be pleased to hear that it also lends itself very well to small or large Hove removals.
The 2 lane wide streets usually mean that even if all the parking is taken you may be able to double park in order to position the van near your residence while allowing other traffic to pass your vehicle in single file.
Coleridge Street, Cowper Street, Shakespeare Street, Montgomery St, to name but a few of the literary landmarks.

The area boasts a lot of great features which has helped it to become one of the most popular areas to move to. It was becoming run down but local residents pulled together and have turned it into a very desirable area.

Transport in Hove
The travel links from Hove and Aldringnton Railway stations mean it’s perfect for commuters and people who have moved from London who still work there. These high-speed rail links can get you where you need to go.
The old Shoreham road, situated just behind this area (bisected by Sackville Road) can also get you to the highway (A23) very quickly indeed and have you out of the city in no time at all.

The area also has a few spiritual centers and a YMCA and also easy access to the beach if you have some spare time and want to take the kids. it has lots of nice local corner shops and some excellent pubs. Our favorite of which being the Ancient Mariner at 59 Rutland Road. Amazing food!

South Hove
This area starts from the beautiful regency buildings facing Hove lawns, such as the Brunswick Terrace and the Kingsway A259 and reaches back past Western road/Church Road up to Old Shoreham road. Areas like Courtenay terrace and Western Lawns right up to Portslade seafront. These are all very busy areas that need special attention when considering a home removal. For example packing can be an issue because parking is difficult. You may have to park your removal van far away.

This area is a little busier and has its fair share of obstacles for removals. Hove, being a bustling hub means that there is a wide variety of logistical concerns from parking to pedestrians.

There is heavy footfall as people from northern Hove such as Blachington and Hangleton make their way towards the plentiful shops and facilities. Not to mention the beach.

If you need any help choosing a Hove removals company then check out our helpful guides.

Things to take into account when moving in Hove

Shops and restaurants are excellent facilities to have when moving to an area but make things a bit more difficult for Hove removals services. The constant coming and going of people and cars means we have to be aware at all time. It can also mean a but further to walk if we cannot park next to the building.

Parking bays are packed and we often have to bend the rules with the parking laws. We have to keep a keen eye out for the traffic wardens. We can park on double yellow lines if all the bays are filled.

This is fine as long as you speak to the traffic warden first. They give you 20 minutes officially but they can be more lenient and understanding if you try and work with their concerns.
These concerns might be blocking driveways or obstructing the vision of other road users.

Sometimes you have to just bite the bullet and park far away from the property. This is when trolleys come in really handy. Being able to stack 4/5 boxes on every sack trolley is a godsend. Instead of trying to double hand 1 or 2 heavy boxes to the front door. You can imagine this can reduce the move time by a lot.
It also means that your Hove removals men get less tired. When removal men get tired they can make mistakes just like any human being.

We are the best removals company Brighton has to offer but contrary to our name we are also the best Hove removals company too. We have so much more in-depth knowledge to share with you. Too much for this article so if there are specific nuggets of information that you are interested in then call anytime for a chat about Hove removals.