Brighton Removals Services

We offer the most comprehensive brighton removals services of any of our competitors. Not only will we go the extra mile but we will have a smile on my face while we do it.

Brighton removal services include and I’m not limited to:

Man and van services
This Brighton removal service is primarily for smaller jobs. Like deliveries and pick ups a smaller items that do not need multiple people. For example if you need a few boxes taking to storage or perhaps an item to be moved to a friends house or a relative’s house. You might find this services useful if you need to retrieve items that have been bought on eBay or gumtree.

Generally this service is offered on an hourly rate is but we can negotiate on a job by job basis.

If you need a man and a van for the whole day then we can work out an arrangement that suits you that is not too costly. Likewise if you need someone to pick something up for you far away (and this will take up a lot of time) we can reach an agreement that accounts for traffic and the amount of fuel used. Please call now if the service is of interest to you.

Two men and a van
This Brighton removal service is great if you have many items which need to be moved. It will be a lot quicker and cheaper if there were more professionals moving them. This is suitable for flat and house moves up to one vanload. If there are many stairs then you may wish to add another removal supervisor as this will also save you money over the long run. Two removal supervisors going upstairs will tire and the pace will slow down. However if there are three the removal supervisors it will take considerably less time.
Again this service is offered on hourly rate but we can negotiate a price for the whole job.

Full flat move
This can be done either on an hourly rate for one two or three men. Alternatively if you would prefer a fixed rate this is also available. We can even run these alongside each other. This means that we will set a maximum price for the job but if we get it done quicker than the estimated time then you make it to saving. This works out very well for you and make sure that our time is accounted for.

Full house move
This tends to be fixed rate quotes with a maximum price for the full job. The larger house moves take more planning and have to have a minimum amount. This is so that all the resources and manpower have been accounted for and taken care off.
After a conversation on the phone about the parameters and requirements of your move we would aim to arrange a home visit at which time we will come over and introduce ourselves. We will get an idea of your move and you will see that we are reliable the professionals that you can trust and feel comfortable with.
We will then draw up a plan leading up to and including move day. Whether you need packing or any prep we will include this and show you in our method statement just how we aim to get this completed. This is then agreed and signed off by yourself and we are paid on completion and satisfaction of the job.

Packing service
This is available for all services. No matter how big or small your move we can help you to tie up those loose ends.
If you have run out of time and need assistance we can be called in last minute to pack you up.
If you know that you do not have enough time to get ready or you feel that your time is better spent elsewhere then let us know well before your move and we can plan for a very efficient and organised pack job. These packing jobs range from basic to luxury to prestige. Full details of this are on our packing page.
Essentially, all you have to do is keep aside anything which you do not wish to be packed. We will do the rest. Leave it all to us and we will take care of the rest. You will not need to lift a finger and you should feel assured that it will all get done in a professional and efficient manner.

Call any time for an in-depth discussion about prices and all the different Brighton removal services .

There are more specialised services which you may not find with other companies.
Also, because you are getting all of your services done in one place it means that you can spread a discount out across all of your expenditures. If you need removals but need end of tenancy cleaning we can perform both harmoniously in a neat package. We can project manage the lot and also save you money at the same time.

These include and not limited to:

Painting and decorating
We have skilled painters and decorators who would love to offer their services to brighten up your home and give them a touch of class.
Again, we can be brought in last minute for this or preferably if you know you need something doing get in touch sooner rather than later and we can offer you a very competitive quote.

Repairs and damage work
We also offer a repairs and damage service which includes plastering and repairing windows, doors, carpets ceilings and floorboards. Providing brighton removals services for such a long time means that we have gotten to know many traders and reputable companies. We can recommend excellent tradesmen who we know have done incredible work for affordable prices.

We provide a full cleaning service for Brighton and the surrounding areas. Whether you need one, two or three professional cleaners we are able to supply them for you. Please check out our cleaning page for more details.
We aim to take care of all of your needs and requirements over the removal period. Often your new home need to spring clean before you get in. Or sometimes even a very deep clean. This is no problem for us. We can even do those tough spots like behind the fridge and the oven. Bathrooms don’t scare us we will blitz them in an instant and have them shiny and new for you.

Equally, when you leave your old home and pass it on to your new residence you may want to give it a courteous once over. If you’re feeling even more courteous you could give them a deep end of tenancy clean.

Anything else you can think of we will either have a service for it or have indispensable advice on how to go about getting it. Please get in touch for a chat about all of our Brighton removal services. Email for a quote now.