The Clocktower Sanctuary

We donate regularly to The Clocktower Sanctuary, a youth homeless centre in the heart of Brighton. They do incredible work and some of it we were lucky enough to see.

We try and highlight this amazing charity through our contact with our customers and offer them an opportunity to donate when they are paying their invoice. We thought this would be an easy way for them to support a very worthy cause.

You’ve heard it a thousand times before “Moving house is the most stressful thing you can do in you life”. This is true but it is still a luxury to be able to move anywhere. It struck us that we’ve moved thousands of people in Brighton but some others in the city do not have anywhere to move to. That’s what we thought working with a homeless charity really resonated with us.

Although we are just a small company we can make a difference by offering an easy way for others to contribute to such an important cause. We come in contact with a lot of people in our working week and if just a fraction of those donated anything they could afford then that would make a huge difference.

As mentioned The Clocktower Sanctuary work with youth homelessness. We believe this is so important because they protect the most vulnerable girls and boys at a time when they need it most. For whatever reason they have lost what most of us take for granted. A home. When we visit the centre we got to see what incredible work they do. The have an open kitchen in which the young people can come in and help themselves to anything they want and cook themselves a meal. The food is donated by individuals and businesses (like Pret A Manger) in the area and delivered for a small fee by a 3rd party. This means they are free to eat whatever they want with whomever they want. It’s a great way too come together and socialise and have a good time.

There are many activities that the young people can get involved with too. Music seems to be the most popular and there are some great facilities that have been donated by very generous people. It’s through these activities that the volunteers at the centre can bond with the people that come through the centre. The more time they can spend together, the deeper and stronger their relationships can be and thus the more they can help.

After the activities there are ‘one on one’ sessions that the young people are urged to do. This will consist of informal chats to understand the reasons why the young person has become homeless in the first place and see how this can be repaired. This is all with a view to eventually getting them re-homed and rehired.

The volunteers are hired for a minimum of 6 months for obvious reasons. The continuity and reliability are the foundations from which help can really grow and be most effective. We can help them by giving what we can afford. We hope you will join us.

Yours sincerely,

The TBRC team

The Clocktower Sanctuary


The Clocktower Sanctuary