Man With A Van Brighton


Man with a Van Brighton

This service can come in handy if you do not have a great deal to move and do not need a full removals brighton service. In our case, it is a smaller sub-service that our company offers. Of course, this does not mean it has to be substandard! The man with a van Brighton service is an old term for the days for an ad-hoc, unskilled worker that provides a hump it and dump it routine who maybe even be slightly dodgy!

At The Brighton Removal Company, our man with a van service in Brighton is an entirely different ball game. You receive the same assurances and insurances that you do with a full removal. The same quality that you expect at no extra cost.

With over a decade of happy customers from home moves to small office moves, we have an excellent record of successful moves because of our professional approach.

Jobs able to be undertaken our man with a van service Brighton are:
Multi pick up and drop off jobs
If you have lots of smaller items to pick up and drop off this service is ideal.
Long distance
Going further afield? It will be cheaper if you send just one man. If you do not have a great deal to move this is a great way to save money.
If you are looking to save some pennies then you can help our driver load on and off with any items he needs help with.

Man with a van Brighton service

mand and van brighton
If you have some mucky items in the shed or dusty old boxes in the loft, perhaps it’s time for a clear out?

If you have everything organised and ready to go then this will save you some money. Our man will be able to come along and load everything up quickly and take it away. We just charge for our time and the cost of the tip.

Because we are a company we have to use commercial tips which charge us to enter. Kingspan waste centre on the outskirts of Brighton near the A27 is convenient. They also follow governmental guidelines regarding recycling and ethical disposal of obsolete items. They charge us £82 to enter the site. This covers you for up to 1 ton of waste

If you need help that’s fine. Send our man up into the loft to retrieve bits for you. From there you can decide what to keep and want to chuck.

Day rates or ongoing contracts -Drop offs, fairs etc.
If you need a man with a van Brighton for a whole day we can organise a day rate for you, depending on what kind of work it is.

If you run a business and need a man with a van on an ongoing contract we can work with your budget to make it work.

Some of our clients do exhibitions and fairs. We will pick up all their items the day before, then drive them to the exhibition centre, help them unload and set up their stall or area. We will wait for them to be finished and then do the reverse and take them home. Something to think about if you run a business but do not want to own a vehicle and could do with a hand from time to time.

Our vehicles
Our vehicles are regularly serviced and come equipped with many tools which can overcome any obstacle. We use large Ford Luton vans for our delivery and removals services. They provide a lot of space and also manoeuvrability that some vehicles lack. For example getting round the streets of Brighton you are much better off using 2 luton vans than a 7.5 ton vehicle. They just cannot get around all the tight corners and can cause hold ups and sometimes damage.

All our drivers have many years of experience driving in and around Brighton.
Our vans also include straps and plenty of blankets to protect all of your belongings while they are travelling to their new home. We also have cardboard boxes on the van. So if you need some extra help packing on the day then this is no problem.
Our toolbox is teaming with useful implements to make sure your goods get delivered on time and in mint condition.
We offer the most competent man with a van Brighton service available in the city.

Get in touch now for a chat and to book in any of these services.