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House rental and home sales

If you are a taking on a house rental you have the option of moving into your new house whenever you can get the keys. Hopefully you will have an overlap in your tenancies so you have more time to clean and move your belongings.

Home sales

If you are buying a new house then you will have a completion date that will be decreed by your solicitors. This will not always be the day that you would like. However, on this day you will get your keys and the money will be exchanged with the previous owners. You will receive the money for your old house.

This exchange will sometimes (if you are lucky) complete at 12. Otherwise it will occur after your solicitors have finished their lunch at around two. Unfortunately I’m not kidding. If you are really unlucky it won’t complete until late in the afternoon. The latest time it might complete would be five thirty. I have not yet undertaken a move that remains incomplete, but I have heard that it is possible if something goes very wrong. Be alert and plan carefully to make sure your house rental or house sale goes as smoothly as possible.

Chris Hudson, TBRC Man with Van Brighton

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