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If you are looking for the best vans Brighton has to offer then you have come to the right place. We have a range of options for you to see, to suit your every possible logistical need.

Our prices vary do you to the length of time you wish to hire the man or man and van. Also, mileage is taken into consideration. If you are travelling far then we can give you a fixed rate for the distance you need to cover.

Volume and weight of your goods are factors that we need to calculate for. We can also inform you of the legal limits to carry in a Luton style van. They can legally hold 3.5 tonnes of goods or waste. Bear in mind that the vehicle itself probably weighs 2 tons it does not give you as much capacity as you would think. If you are caught exceeding this limit then you may incur a fine and points on your licence. VOSA have weighing stations or weighbridges which they may ask you to drive upon to check your weight. If you are carrying a lot of weight such as books or soil or wood then you will be surprised as to how little you are actually allowed to carry.

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There are a plethora of other details that we can arm you with to make sure that your move goes as swiftly and carefully as possible. A wealth of knowledge that we have built up over years of experience in the field.

Please call for a free quote any time of day or night we operate seven days a week and our phones are always on to leave a voicemail or text message. Or you can get a free quote

Renting the highest quality vans Brighton has can be tricky but with our service there is no need to pull your hair out. You may even find that it might be cheaper and quicker to rent a van with a man. Prices start from around £42.50 per hour or we can arrange a fixed price after we have taken into account all the factors involved in your situation.

Our removal supervisors/operation managers have years of experience and technique at their disposal not to mention plenty of time behind the wheel of a large vehicle which people normally feel is quite daunting.

We are available for corporate moves or residential domestic moves. We have vehicles and expertise to suit any kind of logistical situation.

Vans Brighton

Let’s break it down and compare
To rent a van from even the cheapest and less reputable companies costs around £70 – £80 per day plus Diesel and plus any other extra insurance you may wish to add. Also if you do not have as much experience behind the wheel of a large vehicle you could cause damage to the rental vehicle which would result in huge fines. Also as it is such a large vehicle other people have a hard time avoiding you as well. So you may come back and find that someone has driven into you and fled the scene.

Also if you are moving your belongings it will probably take quite a while. Just as if we were to try to do your job for a day we wouldn’t get very far would we? Especially with no one there to help or tell you what you were doing wrong.If you hire us even with just one man you will slash your job time in half, most likely.
If we use the same analogy, think how much money you would lose at your job if you took the time off to do removals for a day with an untrained friend? Probably a lot. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

There are no hidden costs.

You have none of the liability of the vehicle.

You have someone working for you with mountains of experience and a friendly attitude.

We would also bring all the necessary tools needed for your job so you wouldn’t have to buy any yourself.

Not only will you save money but you will have a much less stressful experience and impact on your life which cannot be measured. You may have experienced this on your own move in the past and know what I mean when it gets to 10:30 PM at night and you’re still unloading the second load and wondering why you didn’t hire a man as well as vans in Brighton. It may seem like a shortcut at the time but it could end up backfiring. With a free no obligation quote you have nothing to lose. So give us a call any time Our details are on the contact page.