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Moving House Checklist Tips

Lifting heavy objects

Here are some more moving house checklist tips. During removals, you must be very careful not to hurt yourself so this guide has been put together to help you approach your move in a considered, efficient manner. We all know to lift from the knees not from the back. Do not bend your back or twist it at all. Do not to attempt to lift anything heavy without having someone around to help!

Make sure you have cleared a path so that your house contents can be moved easily. Stand close to the load and center yourself over it with your feet about shoulder width apart. Then begin to tighten your abdominal muscles. Keep your back straight, bend your knees and squat down to the floor. Get a good solid grasp on the load with both hands. Keep the load close to your body use your leg muscles to stand up lifting the load off the floor. Your back should remain straight throughout lifting, using only the muscles in the legs to lift the load. Do not twist your body when moving the load. Instead take small steps with your feet turning until you are in the correct position. Again bend at the knees using only your leg muscles and place the load in the area you intended. Sometimes its best to place the heavy item on a table or something that is higher ( as long as it is safe ) so that you don’t have to bend all the way back down.

Transporting a fridge freezer

What to do to with your fridge-freezer
On the day of your Brighton removal take out and pack all food. Make sure that all movable glass parts have been removed from inside. Slide your fridge out. Be careful that the bottom does not scratch your floor. Fridges usually have wheels but they can still mark lino, tiles or wood easily. Next unplug your fridge. As mentioned, the fridge should have wheels at the back so if you tilt it back it should roll. This job should be always undertaken by two adults, one at the front and one at the back. Try not to lean the fridge back completely horizontally because this is bad for the fridge, its mechanisms and the gasses that keep the fridge cold. Gently lift the fridge over stairs and obstacles so as not to unsettle the gasses too much. When you have the fridge in its new home plug it in, but leave switching it on for a few hours. As the gasses have been disturbed, it is dangerous to switch it on straight away. Manufacturers recommend that you should leave it for twenty four hours but it should be alright after only four.

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