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The Brighton Removal Company has a lot of experience with all the storage Brighton companies, local and national.
We would highly recommend The Big Yellow Storage company. In our experience they are the friendliest most helpful staff. They may appear to be a little more expensive than others but you tend to get more space for your money and they often have deals on. For example, they have a half price introductory offer for the first 8 weeks.

The reason you get more space is because their units are 10ft tall whereas other companies rooms are more like 7ft tall. So when you get a 70 square foot room at Big Yellow it will be much larger than the same specifications at another company. They should really advertise their room by cubic feet to show off their huge advantage in space.

When you have contacted us via email or phone we can give you a rough idea of what size of unit you will need (Don’t forget you can also get in touch via the quote page too) for your Brighton Storage.
If more information is needed then we can come round free of charge and have a look at everything that needs to go into storage. Then we can advise you on the best option for you.
It may depend on location or accessibility for your storage needs. Some storage companies have 24-hour access which may well be important to you. Or being closer to the storage unit may be the most important aspect of your storage. Either way, we can help you get the best solution in terms of which company you should use and

You do not have to be exact with your unit size either. Most companies will have flexibility in terms of what size you need. They will most likely have a range of unit sizes available. Contacting a few storage companies is important to check what works best for you. And contacting them as early as possible is highly recommended.

storage Brighton

Storage Brighton and Hove
If you are looking for Storage in Brighton and Hove you have come to the right place. We have years and years of experience with storage in the city and outside of it. We have unlimited knowledge of every single facility and company that is involved with storage.
Here is a list of our favourites
Big yellow storage Brighton and Hove
Big yellow storage Brighton and Hove have a very large and professional facility just outside the city centre on Combe Road which is off Lewis Road. They are a national company but they have lost none of their Chaump certainly not at our branch anyway. First of the staff there have been there for years and know the city and the facility like the back of their hand. They simply cannot do enough for you. The service is very thorough and you are protected from every angle in terms of insurance and your belongings once they are in their unit.
They also offer a half price deal for the first month which is great if you are looking for a short-term lease. Their prices are fair after that considering how well maintained their building is. There is excellent access for multiple vehicles and great facilities for wheeling your stuff around in the facility. They have large trolleys for pushing your stuff to and from your unit and making things as easy for you as possible.
Another thing to note is that the storage units themselves are very large compared to other storage companies. Some companies boast the same size of units for cheaper but beware there ceilings are lower than big yellows and much less space. So what may seem to be a good money-saving rival company will actually end up costing you a lot more because their spaces are much smaller. This is because The units are measured by floor size and do not take into account height but big yellow treats the space measurement like a cube so you will be getting much more space for less money.
Alligator self Storage Brighton and Hove
This is also a chain of storage companies which have facilities all over the country. They do not provide only storage Brighton and Hove They are a smaller chain than big yellow. They offer a personalised service and we have always found them to be very accommodating and friendly. Also as noted earlier the units have very high ceilings so you get much more space than some of the competitors such as big box.
Again there facility has great access for multiple vehicles and a large ground floor which makes it easier to fairy things to and from the storage unit to your van. They also provide trolleys although they are smaller than big yellow there are plenty of them and even on a busy day you should be able to get one or two.
Howard Kent storage Brighton and Hove
Although this facility is well out of the city it brings with it some other benefits which might not be available to other companies in town. Such as the land is probably cheaper so they pass this on to the customer via their pricing system. If you wish to store something for a long time their warehouse is the best place for this they have a wooden box system in where you arrive and fill up a large box approximately 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide and 6 feet deep. Once you have filled your boxes they are forklifted into the warehouse and kept safe for your return. The only drawback is that if you needed emergency access to your storage box you may be in a bit of a pickle because you need to give them prior warning about when you need access to your belongings. This is because they will need to get the forklift to move other people storage boxes out of the way in order to get to yours although they are able to do this very quickly. And as mentioned the cost is well worth a little bit of a wait. It is also a family run company which I like as they will care for their customers directly and they care about their business and livelihood. So although aesthetically there is something left to be desired it is an all round good facility
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